Dami Im is living the “Korean Dream” through latest charity single

Australia’s sweetheart and 2016 Eurovision representative Dami Im takes part in a musical project called Artists For One Korea that touches on a rather sensitive subject – Korea’s reunification, in latest single titled “Korean Dream”.
Rather than getting political and talking about the issue Dami states that sometimes it’s better to let the music do the talking. Her Korean dream is UNITY.

Dami Im’s “Korean Dream”

Dami sends out a message of love and peace through “Korean Dream” and calls for the two countries to “circle the world as one”. This charity single avoids the cliché sound by getting a boost of freshness thanks to Dami’s superb vocals.
In addition to that, “Korean Dream” is the song to which Korea celebrates it’s 72nd National Liberation Day! It is also a part of One K Media’s One K Global Campaign Song project.

Dami Im at Eurovision

Dami started her Eurovision journey on March 3rd 2016 when she was confirmed as Australia’s representative in the contest. Her entry “Sound Of Silence” is Australia’s best result at the contest so far! Dami came out victorious with the juries giving her 320 points, but the televoters only gave her 191 points, placing her 4th. Those two scores combined were not enough for her to take the trophy home and she came 2nd overall.
What our team had to say about Dami Im’s “Sound of Silence”⇐ 
You can listen to Dami’s charity single “Korean Dream” here:
What do you think of “Korean Dream”? Do you like the message of coexistence and peace? Do you think that Dami Im uses her platform to raise awareness of the ongoing conflict between the two countries? Would you like to see her return at Eurovision?
Give us your thoughts in the comment section below!

Comments on Dami Im is living the “Korean Dream” through latest charity single

  • Tony

    I think Dami is doing a great thing for her birth country in collaborating with other music artists in the new song for this peace and unity campaign. As an internationally known Australian singer her involvement gives this campaign greater visibility around the world, and she is helping to spread its message in the most appropriate and inclusive way as a music artist by doing it through singing.

  • Mark Watson

    Dami brings with her incredible heart and soul to a sad and for her, a real personal issue. Dami was born and remains always a child of Korea, yet, has shown to the world how she has become a true Australian. In her exposure to the world through her music, she has touched the hearts of millions. Her message is simple. It is a beautiful song sung by a beautiful soul. She is the incomparable and perfect person to broadcast this message of peace and unity. This is Dami Im.

  • Gerry Coleman

    I sent this to newspapers
    Subject: Korea
    Dear editor
    With the escalation of tensions in
    North Korea and America threatening to bomb the daylights out of them, I find it ironic that our very own Korean born Dami Im has arrived there to promote the premier of ‘ Korean Dream ‘, a CD to promote harmony and reunification of Korea. Dami adds her beautiful voice to this CD and cause, and Even though it may be but a dream, I would rather listen to the sound of beautiful music and not the sound of bombing threats!
    Gerry Coleman
    Perth WA

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