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Drama at ECON: Eurovision Convention cancelled

The organisers of Eurovision Convention (ECON) which had more than 30+ artists scheduled to appear has cancelled the event for safety reasons. The organisers have released a statement on their official Facebook page.

Personal threat

The organisers have explained in their Facebook post that there have been financial problems. The financial was not explicitly mentioned to the artists nor they have been made aware of it.
In addition to not being informed, the organisers underestimated the financial requirements of hosting the event. The organisers state they should have cancelled the event when funds were ‘stolen from their account’ saying:

“Financially, we underestimated this event and pulled the “pull-rope” much too late. After all that happened especially after the financial funds were stolen from the account we should have had to stop. Personally, we can not apologize or justify this.”

Negative responses

There has been an overwhelmingly negative response to the organisers announcement on Facebook. Majority of them not happy because they have booked non-Refundable hotels and flights.

However, the organisers have replied to the comments made by the fans by mentioning:

“Dear All … Sorry for doing that post on that way. We will inform all ticket buyer via Mail about the situation, we want you to know that we pay the tickets for sure.

We also have an insurance who will take care of the flights and hotels. For that, we want to ask you to check first if you can cancel the bookings even you only get back a few of the money !!!

If you can not get back the money send an E-Mail to [email protected] with ticket number and also with proofments of flys and hotel with the ammount. We will pass that over and we know that the insurance will check that first and if your writing is true we will pay also for fly and hotel”

It is yet unknown if whether or not, the event would take place in a certain shape or form in the near future.
The event had previously caused quite the hype amongst fans, promising over thirty former Eurovision acts as attending guest on the convention and concert. The list included former winners like Loreen, Ruslana and Lys Assia. Other notable acts such as Jedward, Dami Im, Cascada and Poli Genova were also on the list.
Were you affected by the Eurovision Convention cancellation? Do you think the organisers should have planned it better? Leave us your opinions and thoughts below or on Social Media @ESCXTRA

Tim Jumawan

I started watching Eurovision ever since I moved to the UK in 2006, obsessed since 2012 and haven't looked back since.

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