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LIST: Ten acts we want to see at Eurovision Asia

It’s only been a few days since EBU announced the introduction of the Eurovision Asia Song Contest. The family is spreading to a new continent and that is reason to expand our musical horizons. In this article, we’ll introduce you to ten acts that would be perfect in the first ever Eurovision Asia!

Flag of JapanJapan

Japan is one of Asia’s most prominent music markets. Their genre of J-Pop gets a lot of attention and has a lot of fans in the world. Japan have their task cut out, but could very easily demand a role as early favourites with these two acts…

Momoiro Clover Z

Intentionally ridiculous – that’s what Momoclo want to be. And they certainly manage to achieve that with their mix of bubblegum and J-pop. It might seem like a bit of a joke act, but it is highly enjoyable to see this group on stage. All girls have their own colour, so they’re easily recognisable. Their latest track My Cherry Pie is a good example of what they’re capable of. I’m not sure this would win it for Japan, but it would be a statement of light hearted fun being welcome at the contest.

Koda Kumi

Fourteen albums, of which nine reached #1 and thirteen reached the top ten. Add ten #1 singles to that, from 2000 to today and you know you’re dealing with an absolute super star of Japanese music. She is seen as a rather provocative character with her style of urban J-pop and R&B. Just two weeks ago, Koda released her latest single, LIT. One to check out. She’d probably sweep the floor with all of her competitors in Eurovision Asia. Open it up with a bang, Japan…


Flag of VietnamVietnam

Vietnam… A market that usually escapes the usual fan of Asian music. We focus on Japan, South Korea, possibly a bit of Kazakhstan in there, but Vietnam? Well, wait until you see what they have to offer…


Ask a Vietnamese person about their most prominent celebrity and there’s a good chance they’ll mention Son Tung M-TP, also known as M-TP. The 23 year old is a singer and actor and is claiming success after success. He started his own record company and Lac Trôi is the first product coming from that company. It has gathered an astonishing 154 million views on YouTube. More than I at least ever expected to see on the Vietnamese music market. His incredible success make him an ideal entrant for Vietnam. How to gain popularity for a new show? Send in M-TP, that’ll do nicely.

Flag of IndonesiaIndonesia

Indonesia has to be present at the first ever Eurovision Asia. Just listen to that language – it is absolutely beautiful. They have stars galore who could compete in a continental competition in Asia. But there’s only one who knows what it feels like.


You will all remember Anggun: France’s 2012 Eurovision entrant. Her Echo (You And I) did not exactly do well in Baku, but that doesn’t take away that this is a great artist with a discography to back that up. The first time I was introduced to Anggun was over at our partner site and to date, Mimpi remains Angguns most beautiful effort ever. The Indonesian language stands out in a ballad and so does Anggun. Give the woman another go, she knows what to do.

Flag of IndiaIndia

What do we expect from India? Don’t we all expect a true classically Indian bhangra? Or do we want them to break the stereotype and send something more mainstream? Two options and both are quite popular in India…


Punjabi By Nature, PBN, is Indian, but he’s based in… Wolverhampton. That’s right, the United Kingdom. His career is however booming in India, where he won multiple awards and released many successful singles. The latest effort is a collaboration with Sharky P and dancer Manpreet Toor. The result? Bhangra Paundi. Full of Indian dancing and the sounds we’d all expect.

Ammy Virk

A more modest, mainstream variant comes from Ammy Virk. Virk is also a Punjabi Bhangra singer, but his music is rather different from what we saw from PBN. His music wants to tell stories of tradition, but taking them to the current times. You will never see him perform without his traditional turban either. He’d be a gem for India, as you can see in his single Qismat.

Flag of South KoreaSouth Korea

I have to admit, I am not a fan of K-pop at all… 2NE1 was a good band, but they sadly split up… Thankfully many other people are devoted fans and it seems South Korea get to fight it out with Japan as the nation to beat. A bit of Russia-Sweden going on there? Or will we have Irish style consecutive victories from either one? South Korea seems to offer a lot to many.


South Korea is full of bands and duos. One of those is TVXQ! U-Know Yunho and Max Changnim form the duo together. They’re known in South Korea, as well as in Japan, where they’re known as Tokoshinki. They’re currently on a hiatus due to military service, but they will return. And if you look at their 2012 single Catch Me, they might as well go for a trophy at the inaugural Eurovision Asia.


Born in Denver, United States as Amy Lee, this Korean girl moved to Seoul in 2010 to pursue a K-pop career. And she succeeded. Eight of her ten singles landed in the top ten, one of which is I Will Show You, which you can see below. There are still rumours of a début album being released in the United States, but there’s plenty of time to send this girl off to Eurovision Asia first.


Flag of PhilippinesPhilippines

Another market like Vietnam. It’s huge, but we don’t know much about it, even though they might as well become yet another powerhouse in the Eurovision Asia Song Contest. They have a few surprising things to offer.

Sarah Geronimo

We’re listing the big stars here, so we can not miss Sarah Geronimo. She is probably the biggest star in the Philippines at the moment. Her 2011 album One Heart went five times platinum. She had a lot of English singles, but lately, she’s switched over to the Filipino language. A true success, as you can see in Misteryo below.

Jake Zyrus

Do you remember Charice Pempengco? The teenage girl went to Oprah Winfrey and blew everyone away with her rendition of My Heart Will Go On. What happened next was a duet with Céline Dion at Madion Square Garden.

Since that duet years ago, a lot changed in Charice’s life. Recently, Charice announced a name change to Jake Zyrus. He has now started gender transition. Soon after that, Jake released his first Filipino single: Hiling. The voice is there, so is the stage presence. With the right songwriters, this could be a great success.

Who do you want?

Ten acts from six different Asian countries we hope to see at the inaugural Eurovision Asia Song Contest. We are still really curious who you would like to see at the contest? Don’t hesitate to let us know below, on Facebook or on Twitter!

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