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SIBC announces interest in bringing the Solomon Islands to Eurovision Asia!

The Eurovision Asia Song Contest officially launched less than a week ago. However, already multiple broadcasters across the Asia-Pacific region are showing interest in the format. According to Eurovoix World, the latest broadcaster to show interest is SIBC. SIBC is the national broadcaster of the Solomon Islands, a country formed by over 900 islands in the Pacific Ocean.

Working with New Zealand to launch television broadcasting

There is one key stumbling block to SIBC being ready to enter Eurovision Asia. Currently, the corporation only broadcasts via radio. It is expected that Eurovision Asia will require participating broadcasters to show the competition on television. Nevertheless, last year SIBC announced that they would work with a New Zealand-based television company in order to launch a television network across the Solomon Islands. The English-speaking country, with a population of approximately 650,000 people, currently receives much of its television broadcasting from the BBC via Telekom Television.

Eight countries have expressed interest so far

So far six countries have announced their interest in participating in the Eurovision Asia Song Contest. China, Japan and South Korea showed interest when it was revealed they were being considered to be amongst a proposed Eurovision Asia steering group. Australia’s SBS is leading the organisation of the contest and is confirmed to participate. Now, the Solomon Islands have joined New Zealand in registering their interest following last Friday’s official launch.

In addition, Hong Kong and Singapore, alongside Australia, have registered serious interest in hosting the first Eurovision Asia Song Contest. Therefore, overall eight countries have expressed intentions to be involved in the first contest.

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