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Romy Monteiro approached for Eurovision 2018

The search for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 has properly kicked off. This morning, Dutch musical star Romy Monteiro revealed that broadcaster Avrotros has approached her to become the next Dutch representative in Eurovision.

Romy Monteiro to Eurovision?

The singer and musical actress revealed the news during a radio interview she gave this morning. The 24 year old added that she was really eager and excited about the offer, but didn’t say Yes yet. Her reasons? A lack of own material.
Romy Monteiro rose to fame during The Voice of Holland, where she impressed with I Will Always Love You. Soon after her elimination from the show, Monteiro was asked to star in hit musical The Bodyguard. The musical was based on the famous 80s movie starring Whitney Houston and features most of Houston’s hits. Monteiro took the lead role there.
The musical is due to end soon and so Monteiro is looking to expand her horizon. When explaining why she was reluctant to accept the Avrotros offer, she said she felt it’d be better if she could show her country what her own sound would be before deciding to take upon the Eurovision adventure. Romy is yet to release a single of her own and has mostly impressed with covers and her musical work.
The singer added: “I would like to get a little better myself and then I hope to go to Eurovision one day. I have not turned down their offer for good.”

The search continues

It seems Romy Monteiro thinks 2018 is a little too soon to enter the Eurovision Song Contest. It will however definitely be a name to keep an eye on for the next few years, as we’re sure Avrotros will approach her again.
Avrotros are known to start the search early. In July and August, the search for a Eurovision artist usually starts, with announcements in October and November. Whether Avrotros will indeed announce their artist as one of the first, will remain a surprise until we hear more from the Dutch broadcaster.
What do you think? Would Romy Monteiro be a good entrant for The Netherlands or is her decision to postpone it for a while the right one? Let us know! For now, enjoy her most famous cover, ‘I Will Always Love You’, below!

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