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Helena Meraai will represent Belarus at JESC 2017 with “Ya Samaya”

Last night, ten acts were in, to fight for the right to represent Belarus at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2017! Helena Meraai won with her song “Ya Samaya” (I am The Most), scoring the highest points from the public and the jury! She will now fly to Tbilisi to represent her country. The winner was chosen by a 50/50 mix of televoting and jury!

The performance of Helena Meraai

Even though she had to kick off the competition, Helena delivered a flawless performance of her entry. A song that starts as a traditional ballad and turns into a modern, faster ballad with a strong bass, when the second chorus kicks in!
Helena’s movements during the song make it more dramatic and the entry even stronger.

The show

For the second year in a row, Teo, who represented Belarus in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2014, hosted together with his wife Olga Ryzhykova.
Helena will follow last years entry from Belarus “Muzyka moikh pobed” (Music is my only way) by Alexander Minyonok. He opened the show yesterday.
What do you think of the Belarussian entry for this year’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest? Do you think Helena Meraai could be in the race to win it? Check out her national final performance below:


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