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Television Blong want Vanuatu to compete at Eurovision Asia

Ever since the Eurovision Asia Song Contest was announced, expressions of interest have been rolling in. And that even when we still have no idea when or where the contest will actually take place! The next country expressing an interest to participate is a small one… Vanuatu!

Television Blong

Television Blong Vanuatu is the country’s first ever television station. The station is part of VBTC, the Vanuatu Broadcasting & Television Corporation. The channel was established back in 1983 and reaches about 80% of Vanuatu’s people on an average day. It broadcasts both in English and in French.

Where is Vanuatu?

We’re not in geography class, but we admit to giving Vanuatu a quick Google after they had confirmed their interest. And judging from the pictures: It is a great collection of islands. Approximately 285,000 people live in the island state, a little less than in Iceland.

We tried to find out a little about Vanuatu’s music scene. It’s full of interesting stuff, such as string bands, reggae and urban music. Their biggest star is without a doubt Vanessa Quai, a ni-Vanuatu singer who combines pretty much everything, but mostly reggae and R&B.


Nine countries so far

The Eurovision Asia Song Contest has nie countries who have expressed interest at the moment. Earlier, we reported on both the Solomon Islands and New Zealand expressing their interest. Those two followed the example of a potential Eurovision Asia core group, consisting of Australia, Japan, China, South Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong. With this latest addition, the count now goes to nine and counting!

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What do you know about Vanuatu’s music scene? Is there anyone or anything you would like to see from them at the inaugural Eurovision Asia Song Contest? Let us know!

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