An Xtra Happy Birthday; August 26th

I’ll warn you right from the start; today I’m gonna get personal. Today’s birthday boy might not have been my favorite in his Eurovision year (actually he just might have been; it was a terrible year…), but he is one of my favorites now! The work he has done post Eurovision, and especially in the past 10 years, is a-may-zing. 

Daníel Ágúst, 48

Daníel Ágúst represented Iceland in the 1989 Eurovision Song Contest in Lausanne with the song “Það sem enginn sér”. He finished last, after having recieved a total of 0 points. Today, Daníel Ágúst is part of the massively successful (understandably so!) duo GusGus. GusGus was founded back in 1995, then with a total of 10 members. Over the years people have come and gone, until they were only three left, in 2014. Last year, Högni Egilsson left, and GusGus is now a duo. Go check them out, if you haven’t already! (So; that was me getting personal. Will try to stay slightly less biased for a while, but I can’t promise anything… Wiv)

All of us here at escXtra wish Daníel Ágúst an Xtrasuperhappy birthday!

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