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QUIZ: Which Eurovision 2017 non-qualifier are you?

Is there a better way to say goodbye to your Post Eurovision Depression (PED) on a lazy Sunday afternoon than taking our EUROVISION QUIZ?
A totally interactive yet entertaining way to get in touch and learn more about your Eurovision self.

The Eurovision Quiz

This week we have the Eurovision 2017 farewell quiz. By answering 15 questions you’ll be able to learn which non-qualifying act of this year’s contest best suits your personality.
Rather than solely basing the questions on facts, we try to keep things light by adding a bit of geography, astrology and personal preferences such as colors and style choices.
In addition to that, there is nothing better than taking a quiz where the outcome is always positive… except for the fact that you didn’t qualify for Saturday’s Grand Final…

You can take our “What type of a Eurovision fan are you?” quiz here, and “Which Eurovision 2017 finalist are you?” here… Just to see what Eurovision package you really are.
In any event,
Are you lost in “Verona”? Is “Dancing Alone” the cost of life in this “World”? Are you “On your way” to outer “Space”?
Make sure you let us know what your result is by sharing it on Facebook, Twitter and below in the comments section!

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