Georgia’s Nina Sublatti is leaving “Home” in latest single

Georgia’s 2015 Eurovision Representative and feisty warrior Nina Sublatti releases the first single of her second album titled “Home”.

The beautiful singer, model and calligrapher enters a more alternative music venture and grabs our attention with a very mysterious tune.

About “Home”

Sublatti released “Home”on the 24th of August and the positive response from the fans has been going strong ever since. The simplicity of the lyrics certainly doesn’t change the fact that the message of the song runs deep.
Rather than just speaking through them, Nina gives us a vocally charge emotion that somehow manages to leave an impact even after the first listen.

Nina Sublatti at Eurovision

The beautiful Nina Sublatti is most remembered for being Georgia’s representative at the Eurovision Song Contest 2015. Her entry “Warrior” managed to score 51 point and finish 11th in the grand final.
Despite not cracking the top 10, “Warrior” will be remembered as a fan favorite in the years to come.
You can get Nina’s latest single “Home” here and listen to it here:
In any event,
Do you like “Home”? What do you think of Nina’s Eurovision entry “Warrior”? Would you like to see Nina Sublatti back at Eurovision?
Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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