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Full ABU membership not required for Eurovision Asia participation

Ever since the EBU decided to branch out and spread the Eurovision euphoria all across Asia-Pacific in an exciting new project – Eurovision Asia, the fans have been anxious to get answers to a few questions. 
Speculations regarding the list of possible participants has been haunting the Eurovision fandom. Obvious guesses include Australia, South Korea, Hong Kong and the Philippines. But even microstates such as Vanuatu have expressed their interest in taking part – read more about that in our Xtra exclusive article here.

Inclusive approach

The Production company behind the Eurovision Asia Song Contest – Australia’s Blink TV stated that in addition to celebrating cultural differences the contest also wants to spread a message of inclusivity.
Which means that countries whose broadcasters aren’t full-time members of the ABU can take part in the contest.
In fact, this type of approach truly showcases the Eurovision slogans in action rather than branding words only. Because there isn’t anything better than celebrating diversity and building bridges than an honest and simple – join us approach.
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Eurovision Asia

The Eurovision Asia contest was announced on the 18th of August. The official statement didn’t include much information regarding the dates of the event, participants or a host nation.
However,  the statement informs us that around 20 countries will partake in the contest.
In any event,
Which countries would you like to see on the final list of participants? Do you agree with the inclusive approach of the organizers? Or should all the participants be full members of the Asian Broadcasting Union?
Let us know in the comments section below.

Comments on Full ABU membership not required for Eurovision Asia participation

  • Evan Davis

    I guess that’s only fair given being a full member of the EBU is no longer a requirement of entry to Eurovision

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