SERBIA: Tijana Bogićević releases video for “Ti Imas Pravo”

Serbia’s 2017 representative Tijana Bogicevic releases music video for her latest single titled “Ti Imas Pravo” and surprises fans.
Tijana’s latest single manages to marry emotion, sensuality and the beautiful landscapes of Trebnje in a visual treat.

The Single 

The beautiful singer showcases her powerful vocals in “Ti Imas Pravo”. The song is a perfect example of a tune that has the potential to become a Balkan evergreen.
The lyrics of the song capture the essence of a story about unconditional love. Tijana tells her love interest that she will always be there for him in a time of need but shies away from getting hurt by stating that he doesn’t have the right to say that he still loves her.
In addition to that, the visual story has a certain cinematic quality that can compete with many of the mainstream music videos that top the charts at the moment.

Tijana Bogicevic at Eurovision

Tijana represented Serbia in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest. Her entry “In Too Deep” failed to qualify for the grand final and finished 11th out of 18 competing songs.
⇒What our team had to say about Tijana’s “In Too Deep” here
In any event,
What do you think of Tijana’s new song? Do you like the video? Would you like to see her return at Eurovision in the near future?
Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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