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Czech Republic wants a focus on Czech composers for 2018!

There has been little success for the Czech Republic in Eurovision. The Czech Republic has taken some inspiration from Portugal this year! They are doing so by focusing on Czech composers in order to select the song that would represent the landlocked nation in Lisbon.
Despite not officially confirming that the country would be back in 2018, it is looking likely that the country would be back after the re-election of Petr Dvořák as the head of CT.
Despite a fall in the ratings, it looks like the achievement of better results since they returned in 2015 means that support for the contest is still visible.

How would the selection work?

The selection involves the delegation inviting 5 well known Czech composers to write the song that they would see fit for the contest. The focus on Czech composers is a change brought up after Portugal’s win in Kyiv and after working with foreign composers in 2015 and 2016.
In addition to this, the composers will also work with other artists in order to ensure that the song written by the composer would be sung by a suitable singer.

Televised Finals to be back within the next five years

If the results of the Czech Republic continue to improve, it is looking likely that we will see a national selection. However, this is determined by how the results are for the country before this could happen.

The Czech Republic at the Eurovision Song Contest

The Czech Republic debuted in the contest in 2007 when they were represented by Kabát with Malá Dáma. However, their debut was unsuccessful and they failed to qualify for the Grand Final.
The country went on to participate for two more years, with Have Some Fun placing 18th place in the Semi Final and Aven Romale placing 19th place and achieving nul points.
Due to the low interest in the Czech Republic and constant non-qualification the country withdrew between 2010 and 2014. The country returned in 2015 with Hope Never Dies which placed 13th place (which is their 2nd best result).
Determined to qualify for the Grand Final, in 2016 Gabriela Gunčíková represented the country with ‘I Stand‘ and managed to place 25th in the Grand Final making it the only time the country made it past the Semi Finals.
This year, Martina Bárta represented the Czech Republic in Eurovision with her song My Turn. Despite giving a great performance in the First Semi-Final, she failed to qualify by achieving 13th place with 83 Points. See what we thought of the song here!

What do you think of this idea? Do you think using this mechanism would bring success for the Czech Republic in Eurovision? Or better yet, even win the contest in Lisbon? Let us know your opinions and thoughts below or at social media @ESCXTRA

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