An Xtra Happy Birthday; August 31st

Today we are celebrating two Nordic birthday girls! One of them is from Finland, the other from Iceland. They are both born in the 70s. Their Eurovision participations, however, are 12 years apart, and their results are also quite different. 

Inga, 45

Inga, or Ingibjörg Stefánsdóttir, represented Iceland in the 1993 Eurovision Song Contest in Millstreet. She performed the song “Þá veistu svarið”, finishing in a fairly respectable 13th place. Thus placing within the “good” end of the area I like to call “the Icelandic part of the scoreboard”; 12th to 20th.

Karoliina Kallio, 38

Karolina represented Finland in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow. She was part of the group Waldo’s People. They performed the song “Lose Control”, qualifying for the final through the backup jury selection. Without the jury they would not have qualified, since the televoters had them in 12th place. In the grand final they finished last, with a total of 22 points.

All of us here at escXtra wish Inga and Karoliina the most amazingly wonderful birthdays! 

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