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Latvia’s LTV opens Supernova to foreign lyricists and composers

Latvia’s National Broadcaster (LTV) reveals a new and exciting rule with which foreign talent can partake in Supernova.
The tradition continues and Supernova is announced as the national selection for the Latvian representative in 2018 but there is a catch. The already established format of the contest will celebrate It’s 4th year of existence in 2018.
Rather than repeating an already effective formula, LTV is on a quest to shake things up by introducing a new rule which would allow foreign talent – lyricists and composers to partake. But there is a catch, the actual involvement of the foreign talent cannot have an input larger than 30% in the copyrights of the song.
In addition to that, following Estonia’s example Latvia is going to organize a songwriting camp. This approach of scouting new talent has proven successful for many and Latvia certainly doesn’t want to feel left out.
The submissions for Latvia’s Supernova 2018 opens on September 6 at 10:00 CET and closes on October 15 at 23:59. Detailed rules regarding the contest will be published on September 6th.

Latvia, Supernova and Eurovision

Latvia’s Eurovision journey begins in Stockholm back in the year 2000. Their debut entry “My Star” performed by Brainstorm scored 136 and finished 3rd overall.
Only 2 years later, Latvia’s Marie N and her cheeky “I Wanna” topped the scoreboard in Tallinn bringing Latvia their first and only victory at the contest. Both of these entries remain as Latvia’s two best scoring entries to this day.
Ever since, the small Baltic country has had a pretty rough time at Eurovision. Latvia has failed to qualify for the final 8 times and finished last 4 times in their semi.
However, ever since the introduction of Supernova Latvia has slowly but surely getting their confidence back. Managing to deliver imaginative and out of the box entries like “Love Injected” and “Heartbeat”.
In any event,
What do you think of the new changes in Supernova? Would foreign talent enrich Supernova or put it at risk of losing It’s charm? Which artists would you like to see back at Supernova? What is your favorite Latvian entry?
Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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