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Liechtenstein’s 1 FL TV will not make their Eurovision debut in 2018

Today, 1 FL TV has confirmed to that Liechtenstein will not make their Eurovision Song Contest debut in Lisbon next year. The broadcaster has been interested in the contest since 2009 but has yet to receive the required government support and the funds to join the EBU. Of course, EBU membership is a requirement to take part in the Eurovision Song Contest.

One of three European states yet to participate

Liechtenstein is a microstate in central Europe with a population of fewer than 40,000 inhabitants. In terms of active Eurovision participating nations, only San Marino is smaller. The German-speaking nation is bordered by Austria and Switzerland. Liechtenstein, Kosovo and Vatican City remain the only three sovereign European states yet to compete at the Eurovision Song Contest.

But they have tried before!

Nevertheless, in 1976 Liechtenstein did select an entry to take part in Eurovision. However, they were not allowed to take part due to not having a broadcaster in the EBU.

Would you like to see Liechtenstein make their Eurovision debut in the coming years? Furthermore, what type of music do you think they would enter? Let us know in the comments below!

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