An Xtra Happy Birthday! September 2nd

September started out with a lot of Eurovision birthday´s! Or total of seven birthdays! Today, three Eurovision stars have a birthday! That make it the total og 10 birthdays just after two days. One entered two times in Eurovision, the second was it´s nations debute act and the third had a good success with televotes! Happy birthday Elitsa, Donatan and Stevan! 

Elitsa Todorova, 40

Elitsa is a Bulgerian folk singer and sings in her own language. She and Stoyans have performed two times for Bulgaria!  First of all they sang in 2007 with the song “Water” and did a great job in Helsinki. After advancing from the semi final, it made it all the way up to 5th place!

Secondly they performed in Malmo in 2013 with a song called “Samo Shampioni”. However this time they failed to make it to the final.

Donatan , 34

Poland had been on brake from Eurovison since 2012 and entered again in 2014. Donatan and Cleo represented Poland in Copenhagen. The song is called “My slowianie”. Even though Donatan did not actually go on the stage, we will let it pass. After all it´s his birthday. The performance was quite interesting and seemed to appeal to the public! It qualified from the semi final and advanced to the final. Despite that the public placed the song 5th, the jury was not so impressed. Letting “My Slowiane” end up in 14th place.

Stevan Faddy, 31

Stevan represented Montenegro in 2007 in Helsinki, after a huge victory at MontenegroSong 2007. His rock song “Adje Kroci” was the first act of Montenegro in Eurovision after it independence. Unfortunately it came short of reaching to the final.

We at EscXtra wish the three of them a wonderful birthday!

Hlynur Sigurðsson

Icelandic Eurovision fan!

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