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EUROVISION QUIZ: Which winner are you?

With the longevity of the contest and a catalog of amazing winners, we certainly cannot include every single one of them in our Eurovision Quiz as possible outcomes. And yes, we only focused on some of the best of the best.
In addition to winning this contest some of these performers are more than just Eurovision participants. Some of them have reached charts worldwide, others have been known for their humanitarian work. We even had artists that shed a light on some very important human rights issues and tackled the subject way ahead of their time.

The Eurovision Quiz

This week we decided to focus on some of the most iconic performers to grace the Eurovision stage.
That’s why are motto this week is “Pick & Choose and you definitely won’t LOSE”.

You can take our “What type of a Eurovision fan are you?” quiz here, “Which Eurovision 2017 finalist are you?” here and Which Eurovision 2017 non-qualifier are you? quiz here.
Enjoy your Xtra Eurovision Quiz Sunday and don’t forget to share your results with us and your friends on Facebook, Twitter and in the comments section below.

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