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Bulgaria: New BNT board “positive” about Eurovision brand with decisions imminent

A couple of weeks ago, BNT elected their new board and director general Konstantin Kamenarov. Until this happened, Bulgaria was unable to make any Eurovision commitments. This resulted in the 2015 Junior Eurovision host nation being absent from the 2017 Junior Eurovision line-up. Nevertheless, it seems there may still be hope for Bulgaria to take part in both Tbilisi and in Lisbon next year.

2018 Eurovision participation “very likely”

As always, BNT has been extremely helpful by relaying as much information as possible via their official Eurovision Twitter account. A few days ago, they revealed that first signs indicate the new board at BNT are “positive” towards the Eurovision brand. In addition, participation in the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest seems “very likely”.

Plans in place in case of participation at Junior Eurovision 2017

When questioned in regards to the 2017 Junior Eurovision Song Contest, BNT still seems optimistic that they can be added to the previously announced line-up of 16 entrants. Indeed, they claim they already have a potential representative in mind in the case that they do participate in Tbilisi. A decision regarding the new board’s Junior Eurovision plans seems to be imminent.

One of the EBU’s surprise announcements?

We recently discovered that the EBU do have some further surprise announcements to make regarding the upcoming Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Furthermore, they are not ruling out extended their list of participating broadcasters. Therefore, perhaps the door is wide open should BNT wish to join the party in Tbilisi!

What are your thoughts in regards to Bulgaria’s board changes and their Eurovision approach? Do you think they should take part in both Tbilisi and Lisbon? Let us know in the comments below!

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