An Xtra Happy Birthday; September 4th

Yesterday we wished five people happy birthday! That´s been a quite a lot of birthday´s don´t you think? However we have just one birthday guy for a change. After Lordi won the year before, his country might have assumed rock would continue to succeed at Eurovision. Today is Dado Topic ´s birthday!

Dado Topic

Dado was the male vocalist of Crotatia´s entry in 2007.  He performed in Helsinki with the band “Dragonfly”. The rock song is called “Verjem u Ljubav” that translates to “Belive in Love”.  Even though last Eurovision Song Contest favored rock, 2007 did not follow that trend. With that said, Croatia did not qualify to the final.

We all at EscXtra wish Dado happy birthday!

Hlynur Sigurðsson

Icelandic Eurovision fan!

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