An Xtra Happy Birthday; September 5th

Just two Eurostars to celebrate today! One is from Italy, the other from Belgium. They both performed in their own language. One finished top five, the other right side of the scoreboard. We have one lady and one gent. One turns 60 today, the other is a bit younger. Let’s do what we normally do, and start with the oldest.

Emly Starr, 60

Emly Starr represented Belgium in the 1981 Eurovision Song Contest. She performed the song “Samson”, finishing in 13th place.

Fabio Ricci, 52 (Jalisse)

Fabio Ricci is half of the duo Jalisse, the other half being his wife Alessandra Drusian. They represented Italy at the 1997 Eurovision Song Contest in Dublin. Their song “Fiumi di parole” finished fourth on the night. In 2008 Jalisse was one of the hopefuls to represent San Marino in their Eurovision debut, but lost out to boyband Miodio and their song “Complice”.

All of us here at escXtra wish Emly and Fabio the very best of birthdays! 

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