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Eric Saade fulfills Lova’s last wish

There is a facebook page called Ellas Hjältar (Ella’s heroes). The woman behind Ellas Hjältar, Catja Karlberg, devotes much of her time to helping people, especially kids, who are going through difficult times. Among other things, she works to fulfill the last wishes of teminally ill children. On Tuesday, she she helped make twelve year old Lova’s final day a bit better.

Lova’s last wish

Lova had been battling leukemia for a long time. Earlier this week the doctors told her family that there was no more they could do for her. They gave her the devastating news that she didn’t have too much time left… Lova was a huge Eric Saade fan, and one of her greatest dreams was getting to meet him.  On Tuesday, this dream came true, when Eric came to the hospital to visit her.

Eric Saade Lova
Eric with Lova (Instagram)
On his Facebook page, Eric shares his feelings after visiting Lova in an emotional post:

“Today I visited Lova. We had lunch together, and painted plaster sculptures. The glove she is wearing is from when I was 19 years old and did “Manboy” at Melodifestivalen. I gave it to her. What’s more, I think she wears it much better than I ever did.

Honestly, I just wanted her to think of something other than her daily struggle. When I left her it was with a broken heart and some kind of anger. Everybody can see why.

No child should ever have to suffer from cancer. Never stop donating money to cancer research.

I will never forget Lova.”

Eric Saade Manboy
Eric during his Manboy performance (SVT)
Just hours after meeting and getting to spend a few hours with her idol, Lova sadly passed away, accompanied by her family.
Her family has told Catja that they are grateful to Eric Saade for fulfilling their daughter’s last wish.
Today, all our thoughts go to Lova’s family, who have to live through any parent’s worst nightmare. Furthermore, we agree with Eric Saade’s sentiment; Never stop donating money to cancer research.
Also; do whatever little you can to make someone’s day better!

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