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ITALY: RAI makes a few changes for Sanremo 2018

Despite not officially confirming their participation for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest, Italy will certainly keep the spirit of the Sanremo Festival alive in 2018.
In addition to that, RAI will introduce a few changes to the already successful format of the festival which may result with a Eurovision win.

The Changes

Rather than just sticking to their functioning formula, RAI mixes thing up and takes Sanremo to a whole new level. One of the new changes is the involvement of record labels. This means that they can now suggest artists to compete in the festival. Submissions for newcomers are open until the 6th October.
In addition to that, singer-songwriter Claudio Baglioni will be taking Carlo Conti’s hosting gig. Baglioni is also going to be the new artistic director of the festival. His impressive music career counts 35 albums and many hit records. Claudio’s latest album “Capitani Coraggiosi – Live” reached number 1 and topped the Italian charts upon its release in 2016.

Italy at Eurovision

Italy’s Eurovision journey starts in the distant 1956, being one of the original seven countries competing in the contest. The Sanremo Festival is however older than that: Nilla Pizzi won the first ever Festival di Sanremo in 1951. Eurovision is in concept similar to Sanremo, as the Italians set the example for the EBU. They’ve managed to win the Eurovision Song Contest twice: In 1964 with Gigliola’s “Non ho l’età‎” and in 1990 with Toto Cutugno’s “Insieme“.
Contrasting their successful Eurovision record is their nil-point appearance in 1966 with Domenico’s  “Dio, come ti amo“. That same Domenico Modugno scored possibly Eurovision’s biggest hit ever with ”Nel Blu Di Pinto Di Blu”, also known as ”Volare”. He finished third in 1958.
Italy came back to the contest in 2011 after taking a fourteen year break. Ever since their return, they have reached the top 10 four times.
Despite being a hot favorite for the win this year, Francesco Gabbani only finished a respectable sixth with his “Occidentali’s Karma“.
In any event,
Do you think RAI will confirm Italy’s participation at Eurovision? What do you think of the new changes for Sanremo? Will you be tuning in and watching the festival in 2018? Who would you like to see as Italy’s representative at Eurovision? What’s your favorite Italian entry?
Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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