Tbilisi 2017

Junior Song Festival final line-up complete!

Junior Songfestival had their second Semi final, where Fource was chosen to join Sezina who was selected to be in the Grand Final the week before.

The Final Line-Up

After Fource was selected to advance to the Grand Final, the final act was then selected through a wild card selection. This involved a jury of three former Junior Eurovision acts: Ralph Mackenbach, Kisses and the twins Mylène and Rosanna. It was then announced that Montana was chosen by the jury to take up the wild card spot in the Grand Final.
The Grand Final of the Junior Song Festival will take place on the 16th September.

The Netherlands in Junior Eurovision

The Netherlands has a respectable history when it comes to Junior Eurovision. The country has won the contest once in 2009 with Ralph Mackenbach with Click Clack. The Netherlands has also placed in the top ten eight times since 2003, making them one of the most successful countries in the contest.
In addition to this, The Netherlands has also hosted the show twice. Once in 2007 in Rotterdam and in 2012 in Amsterdam.
The Netherlands internally selected Kisses in 2016 to represent The Netherlands with their song Kisses and Dancin. AVROTROS moved the national final to an internet platform in 2016, but reversed that decision for this year.

After performing a well-choreographed routine, the girls manage to finish a respectable eighth place in Valletta. This was an improvement from their fifteenth place finish in 2015, but makes the Dutch long back to their best days from 2009 onwards. By returning to a televised selection, AVROTROS hope to storm the scoreboard once more.
Who do you think will represent The Netherlands in Tbilisi? Do you think they have what it takes to win the contest?. Let us know your opinions and thoughts below or at social media @ESCXTRA

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