An Xtra Happy Birthday; September 10th

After another set of  five birthday people  yesterday, three celebrate their birthday today! Two of them are born on the same day. The oldest of these there has performed two times at Eurovision for Bulgaria. The other two are same age as well. We name the lady first since she performed at younger age at Eurovision for Slovakia. The other guy appeared two times as well on the Eurovision stage but for Albania. It´s Stoyan Yankulov, Katarina Hasprova and Bledar Sejko birthday!

Stoyan Yankulov, 61

Stoyan is a well know drummer in his country. He and Elitsa  performed two times for Bulgaria as duet. Her birthday was on the 2nd of this month.  First of all they sang in 2007 with the song “Water” and did a great job in Helsinki. After advancing from the semi final, the song made it all the way up to 5th place!

The duet also performed in 2013 with the song “Sami Shampioni” but failed to qualify to the final in Malmö.

Katarina Hasprova, 45

Katarina performed on Slovakia´s part in 1998 with the song “Modlitba” meaning “Prayers”. She sang on stage in Birmingham. Sadly the ballad did not attract many points, only 8 points leaving it in 21st place out of 25.

Bledar Sejko, 45

Like Stoyan, Bledar also performed in Malmö in 2013. He sang with Adrian Lulgjuraj representing Albania. Not only did he sing and play the guitar, he composed the song as well. The song is called “Identitet” and is a rock and roll song based on the Albanian folk music. Their entry was one of the acts that failed to advance to the final.

He also appeared in the song “Feel the Passion” in 2011 with Aurela Gase.

We here at EscXtra would like to wish the three of them happy birthday!

Hlynur Sigurðsson

Icelandic Eurovision fan!

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