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HRT confirms participation for Croatia in Eurovision 2018!

Croatia’s national broadcaster (HRT) confirms Eurovision participation and joins the list of countries that will grace the stage at next year’s contest in Lisbon.

In an exclusive, the Croatian head of delegation confirms the participation of the beautiful Balkan country in the upcoming contest. Details regarding the format of the selection process are yet to be determined.

Croatia at Eurovison

Croatia made its Eurovision debut in the distant 1993 with Put’s “Don’t Ever Cry” finishing a respectable 15th overall. Some of their more significant achievements include coming 4th in 1996 and 1999.
However, Croatia has lost its spark towards the end of the 2000’s which resulted with a withdrawal in 2014. But, after taking a 2 year break Croatia manages to come back strong and qualify for the final in both 2016 and 2017.
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In any event,
Are you happy to see the beautiful Balkan country confirm its participation? Who would you like to see representing them in Lisbon? What’s your favorite entry from Croatia in Eurovision?

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