Belarus’ Eurovision stars, Naviband, release the music video for Biažy!

Belarus’ 2017 Eurovision representatives, Naviband, have released their new music video for, Biažy, or ‘Run’ in English!
The emotion behind the song is very different to that of their Eurovision entry, Story of My Life. Rather than being super happy and cheerful, this song has a much more serious, mysterious feeling to it.

“During the break you’ll give me a clue
When we should play our feelings on repeat.
Don’t make a mistake.
You’ll become better
Just to have our trees
Entwined into one”

The music video shows Artem and Ksusha living a much simpler life in a Belarusian forest, exploring, gathering flowers, and dancing around bonfires.
The song itself was originally released in 2014, in their album Soncam sharetya, but following their success in Eurovision and the fans they have gained, they have rereleased the song!

Naviband in Eurovision

Naviband represented Belarus in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017, in Kyiv, Ukraine. In the second semifinal, their song, Story of My Life, came 9th with 110 points, thus qualifying for the final. In the final, the band came 17th with 83 points. You can see what we thought about Story of My Life here!
What do you think? Are you happy to see Naviband back with a new single? Do you prefer it to their Eurovision entry? Tell us in the comments below!

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