An Xtra Happy Birthday; September 17th

Today we are celebrating two Eurostars’ birthdays! One is from Germany, the other from Denmark. The oldest is born in the early 70s, the youngest in the mid 90s. One performed in English, the other in their national language. And neither did as well as they hoped at Eurovision.

Bianca Shomburg, 43

Bianca represented Germany at the 1997 Eurovision Song Contest in Dublin. She performed the song “Zeit”, written by Ralph Siegel. In the German final there was no doubt whatsoever as to who would represent the country. Bianca actually won by a landslide, receiving 40% of the votes, over three times more than the song in second place. However, at Eurovision the song failed to impress the juries, leaving it in 18th place.

Nikolaj Tøth, 22

Nikolaj Tøth represented Denmark at the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna. He did so as part of the group Anti Social Media. They performed their own song “The Way You Are”. Despite being among the favorites in their semi, they failed to qualify for the grand final.

All of us here at escXtra wish Bianca and Nikolaj an Xtra happy birthday! 

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