Francesco Gabbani won’t plot with “Pachidermi e Pappagalli”!

Earlier this week, Francesco Gabbani released a new single, Pachidermi e Pappagalli, part of his latest album, Magellano.
Pachidermi e Pappagalli (Pachyderms and Parrots) was released last April with the rest of the album, but the single and the videoclip are now available !

A new social satire

Gabbani’s previous singles, Occidentali’s Karma and Tra le granite E le granate, were both social satires : they delivered a criticizing message about society, with irony and humour. Occidentali’s Karmi higlighted the superficiality of westerners and how the popular eastern culture was distorted in the Western world, while Tra le granite E le granate‘s lyrics talked ironically of tourism and holidaymakers.
In Pachidermi e Pappagalli, Francesco sings to his darling, who’s never short of conspiracy theories, seeing a plot almost everywhere. The only things they both seem to see the same way are Pachyderms and Parrots.

Francesco in Kyiv

Francesco Gabbani is of course famous for representing Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Kyiv, after winning the Festivale di Sanremo with Occidentali’s Karma. Almost immediately after he accepted to represent his country, he became the favourite of both fans and bookmakers.
He kept this position until the week of rehearsals and the semi-finals, during which his domination eroded in favour of Portugal and Bulgaria. During the Grand Finale on Saturday 13th 2017, Gabbani ended up 6th, with 334 points.
What do you think of this single ? Do you want Francesco to release other videoclips for the songs of his albums ? For which song ? Let us know in the comments below or on social medias at @escxtra !

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