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Musicians in the Maldives already showing interest in Eurovision Asia

The Maldives is a tiny island nation located in the Indian Ocean. It is Asia’s smallest nation, both by size and land area. As a result, it seems that popular recording artists in the Maldives are seeing the upcoming first Eurovision Asia Song Contest as the ultimate platform for their music. Indeed, our friends at Eurovoix World have confirmed that they understand this to be the case.

Artists await further news

At the moment, popular artists across the Maldives are awaiting further information about the brand new Eurovision Asia Song Contest. They will depend on one of the country’s broadcasters to sign up to participate in the competition. Television Maldives (TVM) is the official state broadcaster of the Maldives. Their headquarters are located in the capital city of Malé.

The Maldives has a history in international song festivals

Indeed, TVM currently participates in the ABU TV Song Festival. This is a music festival that has been compared to the Eurovision Song Contest due to its format involving performances from a variety of countries. A private Maldivian broadcaster, VTV, has also participated in the same festival. Therefore, it’s certainly within the realms of possibility that one of these broadcasters could bring Maldives to the first Eurovision Asia Song Contest. has contacted Television Maldives for further comment.

In the 2016 ABU TV Song Festival, Laisa Junaid represented the Maldives. Laisa performed the song Magey Rah which translates as My Island. Would you like to see the Maldives bring their music to the Eurovision Asia Song Contest too?

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