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Alex Larke wants to return to Eurovision… for Greece

In a rather unexpected turn of events, Electro Velvet’s Alex Larke has said that he would love to return to the Eurovision Song Contest. Not for the United Kingdom, but for… Greece. He said so during an interview with INFE Greece.

Still in love with… Greece?

Why Greece, one could wonder? Why would a British singer go to Greece to represent them? For once, it could actually make sense. Alex’s mother is from Athens and moved to the United Kingdom back in the 1970s. Greece is in fact his second home, so much that he even goes there every year. And yes, Alex does speak Greek.
The choice for Greece seems to make sense for Alex Larke. The Electro Velvet has his eyes set on yet another Eurovision adventure. It’s often that singers say they’d do something and don’t follow through, but Alex is one of a kind… Answering to INFE’s question about representing Greece, the British singer said he had in fact approached ERT to consider him for Eurovision.

Are ERT in love with Alex?

That really is the big question, isn’t it? Would ERT be willing to send Alex Larke to the Eurovision Song Contest, despite his earlier mishap in the contest. His 2015 Still In Love With You finished somewhere at the bottom of the scoreboard, but Alex always remained positive.
ERT wouldn’t have to worry about a 50s effort like he did with Electro Velvet. Alex’s solo repetoire is rather different from his Eurovision one. His latest single Belladonna could remind one of the music in the 60s and 70s. Still retro, but not quite as chirpy as Still In Love With You.
What do you think? Should ERT take Alex Larke up on his offer to represent his mother’s home country Greece? Will he bring a piece of success if he goes to Eurovision once more? Let us know!

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