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FYR Macedonia confirms Eurovision 2018 participation

Macedonia’s National Broadcaster (MRTV) has officially confirmed the participation of the small Balkan country in the upcoming edition of the Eurovision Song Contest.
Despite having a rather bumpy ride in the contest, Macedonia surely doesn’t quit easily and will be joining the 63rd edition of the contest.

MRTV’s announcement

Macedonia’s national broadcaster comes with a document in which they inform the public regarding their plans for Lisbon 2018.
In the document they state that the representative should showcase Macedonia’s musical value through the song. Which could potentially mean a return that the Balkan ballad might make a comeback next year.
MRTV also provides the financial plan regarding their participation. Such as fee costs which would be roughly around 40,500 Euro and an additional 138,000 Euro on costs associated with the participation.

Macedonia at Eurovision

The small Balkan country starts It’s Eurovision journey in the distant 1998 with Vlado Janveski’s “Ne Zori, Zoro” finishing 19th with 16 points. Some of the more significant entries include “Life” by the late Tose Proeski, Elena’s “Ninanajna” and Kaliopi’s “Crno i Belo“.
This year, Macedonia was represented by the beautiful mommy to be Jana Burceska only to fail to reach the final with her upbeat “Dance Alone” finishing 15th out of 18 competing songs.

⇒What our team had to say about Jana’s “Dance Alone” here
Despite having 17th participations so far, Macedonia is yet to reachthe top 10.
In any event,
What’s your favorite Macedonian entry so far? Would you like to see a returning artist wave their flag in Lisbon? What do you think of Jana’s “Dance Alone”? Could their 18th attempt be their lucky charm?
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