Shiri Maimon returns to music with “Yesh li hakol”

Earlier this month, Shiri Maimon unveiled her latest single Yesh li hakol on Facebook. This marks her return to music nearly five years after her latest album was released.

I have everything

The song’s title, Yesh li hakol, translates to ‘I have everything’. In the song, Shiri sings about a man who chases his freedom. Through reckless and indecisive behavior, he finds the freedom he’s been looking for. Unfortunately, he soon realizes that despite his freedom, he’s all alone.
It’s a catchy, solid pop tune; during the verses, Shiri follows the ‘talk-sing’ trend while the chorus is bombastic and marked with infectious ‘oh oh’ backing vocals. It’s a far cry from her Eurovision entry, but definitely a style that suits her well.
Additionally, hardcore Eurovision fans might recognise one of the song’s lyricists: Noam Horev wrote the 2010 Israeli entry Milim which was a fan favorite ahead of the contest.

Shiri Maimon in Eurovision

With her fourth place in Kyiv all the way back in 2005, Shiri Maimon can proudly boast about the best Israeli result in Eurovision since their victory in 1998. Hasheket Shenish’ar is largely considered to be one of the best Israeli entries in the modern days of the contest.
What’s your opinion on ‘Yesh li hakol’? Do you think Shiri Maimon should try her luck at Eurovision again with a song in a similar style? 
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