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Bulgaria: BNT won’t partake at Junior Eurovision 2017

Bulgaria’s National Broadcaster BNT will not take part in the upcoming Junior Eurovision Song Contest that will be held in Tbilisi, Georgia.
In a brief statement regarding their non participation, BNT officials say that their decision was made solely based on the lack of time to prepare.
Despite confirming their participation for both Eurovision and Junior Eurovision earlier this year, BNT went through a change of Director General in late August. With the new director – Konstantin Kamenarov and the lack of time to constitute a team, Bulgaria decides to sit this edition of the contest out and bring their A game next year.
Bulgaria’s 2016 Junior Eurovision entry – Lidia Ganeva with “Magical Day” 

Bulgaria at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest

Bulgaria made its debut at the contest in 2007 with Bon-Bon’s “Bonbolandiya” finishing a respectable 7th and scoring 86 points. Their worst scoring entry came the following year when they finished last with Krastyana’s “Edna Mechta“.
Rather than completely leaving the contest, BNT managed to focus, regroup and make a comeback in 2011.
However, their best scoring entry is their 2014 entry “Planet of the children“. Krisia, Hasan and Ibrahim managed to score 147 points and finish 2nd overall. Due to their success the previous year, Bulgaria hosted the 2015 edition of the contest in Sofia.
In any event,
Are you sad to see Bulgaria take a break from the Junior Eurovision Song Contest? What’s your favorite Bulgarian JESC entry so far? Would you like to see them as hosts yet again in the near future? Are you looking forward to their return in 2018?
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