WATCH: Maraaya and their new single “Diamond Duck”

Slovenia’s 2015 entrants Maraaya have released a new single and music video – “Diamond Duck”

No longer down, down low…

Since their successful showing in Vienna in 2015 (finishing in top 15 in the final), Maraaya have been one of the most in demand pop acts and composers in Slovenia. After composing Slovenia’s entry for Junior Eurovision in 2015, they also wrote several entries in Slovenia’s national final EMA in 2017, including the televoting winner “Heart Of Gold” by BQL. Now Maraaya have signed a deal with one of the leading global record labels, Warner Music and “Diamond Duck” is their first single to be released globally.

Social critique in the new single

The song “Diamond Duck” is a quirky song about how we too often value money and material possessions over love. The single’s artwork could be also an interpretation of a certain world leader. Which is especially evident as the music video ends with “Make values great again”, which is Maraaya’s take on a certain election slogan.
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