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LeKlein fails to evoke emotion in The Voice audition

Spain’s Eurovision hopeful and Objectivo Eurovision contestant LeKlein (Vanesa Klein) redefines the meaning of her song “Ouch” in her The Voice of Spain audition.
The Spanish talent somehow failed to leave an impression on the judges despite delivering a stellar vocal performance of Cindy Lauper’s “I Drove All Night”.

La Voz

The Spanish version of the popular TV series The Voice is in its 5th season. The panel of judges/coaches includes eminent names in Spain’s music industry Malú, Manuel Carrasco, Juanes and Pablo López.
However, none of them turned their chair for LeKlein. Some of their comments indicate that the Spanish talent didn’t really push the envelope when it came down to conveying emotion.
Contrasting the fact that none of them welcomed LeKlein on their team were their compliments on her vocals and comments such as “We can tell you are a professional singer”. Which left the audience kind of baffled regarding their decision not to put her through to the next round.
After her audition, in a video post on Instagram LeKlein thanked her fans for the unconditional support and love. Ending her La Voz journey on a positive note.
You can watch Vanesa’s (LeKlein) audition for La Voz here:

LeKlein at Objetivo Eurovisión

The edgy singer started her dramatic Objetivo Eurovisión journey through winning the Eurocasting with 63.3% of all votes with her entry “Ouch“.
Despite her landslide win in Eurocasting, LeKlein only came 3rd in Objetivo Eurovisión scoring 52 points overall.

In any event,
Do you agree with the coaches decision? Do you like LeKlein’s performance of “I Drove All Night”? What do you think of her Objetivo Eurovisión effort “Ouch”?
Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below and on all social media at @ESCXTRA.

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