WATCH: Fr. Rob Galea teams up with Ira Losco on “Dominoes”

One of Malta’s biggest pop stars and two time Eurovision representative – Ira Losco is featured on Fr. Rob Galea’s latest track titled “Dominoes”.
Both Ira and Fr.Rob Galea manage to shed a light on heartbreak and put a positive twist to it.

Unlikely collaboration celebrated

Fr.Rob recently shot to fame after appearing on Australia’s X Factor. Being known as the singing priest ever since, he’s managed to get a book deal and it’s also rumored that Ryan Gosling is interested in playing him in a movie about his life.
Ira Losco needs no introduction to our readers and Eurovision fans. Her longevity in Malta’s music scene speaks for itself.
In addition to that, this beautiful collaboration manages to perfectly marry the unexpected and result with an anthem about heartbreak.

Fr. Rob Galea feat. Ira Losco – Dominoes

The beautifully soothing message of the song is perfectly captured through the visuals of the video.
Both Ira and Fr.Rob appear separately in different settings. The concept is pretty simple yet effective. Going from black and white to colorful only helps the message of a better tomorrow to be understood even better. Some of the more memorable lyrics of the song are:

“We all fall, every single one by one
Just like we’re dominoes”

Ira Losco at Eurovision

Ira represented the beautiful island of Malta at Eurovision on two occasions. Her first effort “7th Wonder” finished second and scored massively across Europe.
However, her 2016 return was a little bit less successful where her perfectly competent “Walk on Water” scored 153 points overall and finished 12th.
⇒What our team had to say about Ira’s “Walk on water” here
In any event,
What do you think of “Dominoes”? Would you like to see Ira come back at Eurovision? Maybe a duet with Fr.Rob for Lisbon?
Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below and on all social media at @ESCXTRA.

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