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Battle of the Stars; Boyband surprise #backstreetsbackalright

As previously reported, the hunt for Norway’s next Ultimate entertainer is well under way. Then, three days ago, on September 25th, Aleksander Walmann posted the first exciting hint that we might get to see several MGP/ESC participants on stage together come Saturday. There might be a boyband bonanza on the menu! 

The first hint; boyband lineup

He did this by posting a picture of himself, Didirik Solli Tangen, Gaute Ormåsen, Adam Douglas and Alexander Rybak lined up like some sort of unruly boyband.
With this he posted the message;

Gleder meg til å fortelle dere hva vi skal gjøre som gruppeoppgave  Klarer dere å gjette ?  #stjernekamp (Looking forward to telling you what we will be doing for our group assignment. Can you guess?)

battle of the stars boyband
The fact that Alexander Rybak was in the picture with them might have confused people a bit. After all, he’s not even in Battle of the Stars. At least not this year!

The second hint; #backstreetsbackalright

Then, the next day, he returned with a portrait collage of the four participants, with the folowing caption;

@adam_douglas + @didriksollitangen + @gauteormaasen + @aleksanderwalmann = BOYBAND-O-RAMA I BESTE SENDETID HJÆLP, DETTA BLIR VILT !!!! #stjernekamp #backstreetsbackalright (Boyband-o-rama on prime time tv Wow, this is gonna be crazy!!!)

battle of the stars boyband
Image; Aleksander’s instagram
His use of the hashtag #backstreetsbackalright makes a lot of his fans wonder if we might get to hear the massive Backstreet Boys hit “I Want It That Way“, as it’s no secret this is one of Aleksander’s guilty pleasures.

The third hint; boyband dance routine

Then today he posted this “in action” pic, of the four of them rehearsing what is quite clearly an intensely complicated dance routine…with the following comment;

Det er mye jeg kunne skrevet om dette bildet men på lørdag skal du få full forklaring 😉 @adam_douglas du må virkelig slutte å stirre på tættissen min når vi øver 😜 #båibænd #nrkstjernekamp #BB (There’s a lot I could say about this picture but on Saturday everything will be explained. @adam_douglas you really need to stop stearing at my tattoo while we’re rehearsing)

Battle of the stars boy band
Are we the only ones who are a teeny tinybit excited about this performance? And whatever might Alexander Rybak have to do with all this? With this in mind; we will naturally keep you all informed about this intensely fascinating performance! 

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