WATCH: #LoveWins! Sergey Lazarev releases powerful video for “Tak krasivo”

Sergey Lazarev released the “#MostRealClip” for his single “Tak krasivo” (eng.: So beautiful) and the video couldn’t fit any better. In the music video Sergey shows, that love comes in many beautiful ways. All the love in the video was real. Sergey wasn’t using actors, but people, who show the real beauty and diversity of love.

“True love is SO BEAUTIFUL !!”

This is what is written in the video description. Sergey Lazarev added: “Thank you for sharing your relationships, feelings and love with us.” Moreover, at the end of the video, Sergey displays the love for his child.

New album

“Tak krasivo” was the first official song for Sergey’s upcoming album which will be released in December, later this year. Nevertheless, follow ESCXTRA to not miss any news about his highly anticipated new album!
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Listen to “Tak krasivo” on Spotify:

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