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Albania’s RTSH confirms Eurovision 2018 participation

Albania – the land where revamps happen with the speed of the light confirms Eurovision 2018 participation and RSVP’s for Lisbon 2018.

The small Balkan country will keep the tradition of selecting their representative though Festivali i Këngës ALIVE yet again this year.
However, information regarding as to when Festivali i Këngës will take place haven’t been released yet. But we somehow have the feeling that Albania will be the first country to select their entry for the upcoming contest.

Albania & Eurovision

Albania’s Eurovision debut is a rather remarkable one. They managed to finish inside the top 10 at the 2004 final of the contest with Anjeza’s “Image of You“. Which was the best scoring Albanian entry in the contest until 2012. Rona’s performance of “Suus” left Europe speechless and earned Albania It’s first (and only) top 5 finish.
However, Albania has a rather turbulent Eurovision past. The beautiful Balkan country has qualified for the final 7 times out of 14 attempts.
In addition to that, Lindita’s powerful “World” failed to bring Albania back in the finals of the contest this year. Despite having one of the strongest vocals in the competition. Lindita finished 14th in the first semi final with 76 points.

⇒What our team had to say about Lindita’s “World” in The Xtra Files here
In any event.
Are you happy to see Albania’s resilient spirit for the contest? Do you have an Albanian artist you would like to see at Festivali i Këngës? What’s your favorite Albanian entry at the Eurovision Song Contest so far?
Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below and on all social media platforms at @ESCXTRA.

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