An Xtra Happy Birthday; October 2nd

Five Eurovision stars had a birthday yesterday. Today there are three Eurovision stars that celebrate there birthday. Two are from the same country. One of them performed two times including actually singing “Happy birthday”.  The third one is one fabulous Eurovision star, that was only 33 points away from winning. David, Eddie and Verka have a birthday today.


David D´Or, 53

IBA (Israel Broadcast Authority) picked David Naihasi to perform in Istanbul in 2004. He had been doing great things in Israel with his singing. His voice is quite special for his vocal spans more then four octaves. And of course we got to witness his talent at Eurovision where he sang the ballad “Leha’amin (To believe)” at semi final. Where his vocals went high with the aim of encouraging people to have faith even though things are cloudy. Unfortunately for David, he was one placing short of reaching the final. He got 57 points and thus getting the 11th place at the semi-final.


Eddie Butler 46

Like David, Eddie also performed for Israel. On the other hand, Butler had the chance to go two times to Eurovision. The first time he went, he went with his brother and two others as the group “Eden”. They performed the song “Happy Birthday” in 1999 in Israel. They did good and surely celebrated a lot for they ended up in 5th place out of 23 acts.

Like stated earlier Eddie represented Israel two times. The second time was in 2006 in Athens, Greece. Where he performed the song “”Ze Hazman (This is the time)” or as it called in English “Togther we are One”. Unfortunately, despite the songs name, it did notgather people at that time. For it only got 4 points from France, leaving it to second-to-last place.


Verka Seduchka, 44

Today is Andriy Danylko´s birthday, who we know as Verka. So technically its his birthday, for her real birthday and age is not told. Obviously we at EscXra don´t know since  it´s not nice to ask a this fancy lady how old she is. Andriy as Verka had become quite famous in Ukraine before she became famous in Eurovision. Her song “Dancing Lasha Tumbai” was song in total of four languages, not counting the gibberish title. The extra shiny and over the top performance gave her great success at the 2007 contest in Helsinki. Seduchka came seccond after Serbia. In addition to that she was part of Ukraine´s interval acts in 2017.


All of us here at EscXtra would like to wish the three of them glamorous happy birthday! 


Hlynur Sigurðsson

Icelandic Eurovision fan!

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