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Junior Eurovision: “Youtuber” will be Portugal’s song in Tbilisi

Portugal has decided to return to Junior Eurovision Song Contest after a 10 year break. They haven’t entered the junior contest since 2007. Their 2017 entry was revealed on 29th of September and it is called  “Youtuber”. One of the co-host of the national selection, Jorge Gabriel, sang and posted it last week. The young singers at “Juniors of Portugal” will all perform the entry next Thursday, and the best performance will represent Portugal in Georgia. 


The lyrics and music is made by João Cabrita and Mariana Andrade. The song is in Portuguese. As mentioned above, the singer has not been selected yet, but will be on Thursday on the 5th of October. There are five kids who will all sing their version of “Youtuber”, and they will also sing a song of their own choice.
The singer will be picked by a combination of jury and public votes.
For now we have to settle for listening to Jorge Gabriel’s version of the song!


Concerns about the title “Youtuber”

The Eurovision rules prohibit commercial messages of any kind in the song lyrics. Due to this, San Marino had to change the title and lyrics of their 2012 entry, “Facebook Uh, Oh, Oh” in order to be able to participate. Therefore it was changed to “The Social Network Song” so it would not be disqualified.
Giving that YouTube is a huge brand and well known, should the title “Youtuber” be accepted at Junior Eurovision? A lot of people have commented that it is against the rules. Nevertheless, quite a few argue that being a youtuber is more like a profession these days, and therefore not to be regarded as a trademark  in this context. Well, we can all speculate, but it it will be up to EBU to make the final decision.
Finally, we at EscXtra would like to wish the young singers who will perform on Thursday the very best. We are also excited to find out who will represent Portugal at this years Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Tblisi. And as for the readers we would like to hear your input on the song and it’s title.

Hlynur Sigurðsson

Icelandic Eurovision fan!

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