Listen: Polina Gagarina with a new single “Obezoružena”

After Polina ´s  performance of the power ballad “A Million Voices“ in Vienna 2015. She has been quite active in the music industry and giving out new singles.  Once again she is back with a new song. It is called “Obezoružena” that can be translated into “Disarmed”.

Sweet song from Polina

Obezoružena is emotional and sweet song, with it follows some kind of vulnerablity wipe. Of course the song show Gagarin´s talent once again. And Russia seems to like it a lot because it went straight to the top place at the Russian i-Tune list! Although someone else seems to have snatched it away now.

How do you feel about Polina’s brand new song ? Feel free to share.

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