An Xtra Happy Birthday; October the 3rd

Yesterday on October 2nd, there were three singers from Eurovision had a birthday. However there are two today, on the 3rd. With that said, we have a Nordic birthday theme, for one is from Iceland and the other from Norway. Both of them performed on the stage with others. She as a part of a trio and he as a part of duet. Helga Möller and Kjetil Mørland have a birthday today.


Helga Möller,  60

As mention earlier Helga was part of a trio.”Icy” was the name of the trio and was Iceland´s first act at Eurovision Song Contest in 1986. With the song “Gleðibankinn (Bank of Joy)”. Even though Iceland had high hopes with this cheerful song, it only made it to 16th place out of 20. Despite that many Icelanders will say that this is their favorite Icelandic Eurovision entry up to this day.

Kjetil Mørland, 37

Mørland perfomed with Debrah Scarlett for Norway in 2015. They sang his song “A Monster Like Me” in the second semi final and came 4th. Therefor they advanced to the final where they got 108 points, giving them the 8th place out of 27 songs. He and Debrah came to London Eurovision party in 2015, where they performed there song live as well as chatted with us here at Escxtra.

We all here at EscXtra would like to wish Helga and Kjetil a big happy birthday!

Hlynur Sigurðsson

Icelandic Eurovision fan!

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