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Maria Iside Fiore to represent Italy at JESC with “Scelgo”

Italy’s National Broadcaster (RAI) has made Its choice and It’s the talented Maria Iside Fiore waving the Italian flag  in Tbilisi. The young singer will represent her home country with the song Scelgo (My Choice).

Scelgo (My Choice) talks about the dilemmas of a young girl in her everyday life. What makes this song personal is the fact that Maria wrote it herself, with the help of Stefano Rigamonti and Fabrizio Palaferri.

It’s Maria’s Choice

Maria Iside Fiore is Italy’s future star. Her talent goes beyond singing, as mentioned previously she’s a songwriter and an actress too.
However, her most memorable achievement in her music career is qualifying for the final of the junior section of Cantagiro,
Watch the official video for Maria Iside Fiore – Scelgo (My Choice) here :


The English translation of Scelgo – My Choice:

I choose not to be afraid

to go beyond, beyond these walls

I choose to give wings and wind

To every breath, to every moment of mine


I choose not to be afraid

Not to fear borders and colors

I choose to throw my own smile

Beyond the fence between Heaven and Earth.

Italy in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest

Despite joining in the party a bit late, Italy has proven to be a music powerhouse in the contest. They managed to win the Junior Eurovision trophy on their first attempt in 2014 with Vincenzo’s “Tu primo grande amore“.
In addition to that, they came 3nd in 2016 with Fiamma’s “Cara Mamma“.
In any event,
Do you like “Scelgo (My Choice)”? Will Maria manage to repeat Vincenzo’s success in Tbilisi?  What’s your favorite Italian JESC entry?
Share your thoughts with us in the comments section down below and on all social media at @ESCXTRA.

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