Nina Kraljic goes sensual in latest video release titled “Negdje”

Croatia’s 2016 Eurovision representative – Nina Kraljic, goes for a sultry, sensual yet elegant style in latest video release titled “Negdje”. The concept of the music video is credited to famous Croatian director – Luka Rukavina.

Nina channels her inner fairy and incorporates her into a sultry dancer for the purpose of the visual story of the video.

The story behind Nina’s “Negdje”

The emotionally charged track gives of a coquettish vibe. Rather than just going for an obvious visual concept, Nina and her team think outside of the box.
In addition to that, Nina states that learning the choreography was rather difficult but her adventurous spirit helped her take on the challenge. She also says that she couldn’t do it without the professional help of Vlado Kopcic and Zagreb’s Dance Center (ZPC).
“Negdje” is a single from Nina’s first studio album “Samo” which you can listen to here:

Nina Kraljic at Eurovision

In addition to being the first ever The Voice of Croatia winner, Nina Kraljic also represented the beautiful Balkan country at the 2016 Euroision Song Contest. Her airy and delicate Lighthouse brought Croatia to the grand final for the first time since 2009.
Despite not living to its potential and finishing 23rd out of 26 competing songs, “Lighthouse” will remain a fan favorite in years to come.
⇒What our team had to say about Nina’s “Lighthouse” here
In any event,
What do you think of “Negdje”? Do you like Nina’s new look? What do you think of the music video? Do you like Nina’s Eurovision entry “Lighthouse”? 
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