From Ninjas to Addictions, Amir releases two singles !

This week, Amir, who represented France at Eurovision 2016 with J’ai cherché, released two new songs. You can now listen to Sors de ma tête, as part of his upcoming album Addictions, but also Higher, a song for The LEGO Ninjago Movie.

When Amir goes higher

On October 5th, Amir released the videoclip of his song Higher, which will not be part of his new album. Described as ‘The official French song for The LEGO Ninjago Movie’, it is a bilingual song, just like J’ai cherché : the verses are in French and the chorus is in English.
It is a song about how anyone can save the world. The videoclip alternates between clips from the animated movie and shots of a very happy Amir in a forest. The movie, an American and Danish production, will be released next week in France and the UK. Amir himself will be part of the french dubbing cast, according to Virgin Radio.

But Amir is not the only Eurovision star to sing a song for an animated movie. In 2014, Alexander Rybak (who won the Eurovision Song Contest for Norway in 2009) did the same : he wrote and sang Into a Fantasy, the song for the closing credits of the European version of How To Train Your Dragon 2. And just like Amir, he also gave his voice to a character, for the Norwegian dubbing.

Get ouf of my head

This Friday, Amir also released a new single, Sors de ma tête (“Get out of my head”). In this song, written and composed by Nazim Khaled (who wrote and composed J’ai cherché and Requiem, the French songs for Eurovision 2016 and 2017 respectively), Amirs sings of how hard he copes with heartbreak, and how he can’t move on, imploring his ex-girlfriend : “Get out of my head /  Of my skin, get out“.
Interviewed by the TV magazine Télé 7 Jours, he explained that the song was very personnal.

I experienced quite a few painful love stories […]. At the time, I wasn’t sleeping well and I was loosing my appetite. I was even begging my exes to come back because I felt like they were my oxygen. This single allows me to evoke all those bad memories.

Sors de ma tête is the third released song from Amir’s upcoming album, Addictions, due to be fully released on October 27th. The two other songs are No Vacancy — an official remix of OneRepublic’s single in collaboration with the band — and États d’Amour

Listen to the song
What do you think? Which song do you prefer? Are you excited about Addictions?  What are your expectations for the next releases? Let us know in the comments below and on social medias, at @escxtra !

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