An Xtra Happy Birthday; October 7th

Yesterday there were two Eurovision birthday girls. And surprise; we have two birthday girls today as well. One has even represented her country twice, and in her first Eurovision she even won the whole thing! The other however, has only participated once, and even though she did really well at Eurovision, she did not take the trophy home to…Romania. Can you guess today birthdays girls? We give you Charlotte Perrelli and Luminita Anghel! 

Luminita Anghel, 49

Luminita Anghel represented Romania at the 2005 Eurovision in Kyiv, along with the percussion band Sistem. They performed the song “Let Me Try”, finishing in a super third place. This is still today the best Romanian result at Eurovision, an honor they share with Paula Selig and Ovi (2010, “Playing With Fire”).

Charlotte Perrelli, 43

Like mention in the intro, Charlotte has entered the Eurovison song contest two times. In 1999 she entered the Melodifestevalen with the song “Tusen och en natt” and won the contest. Thus went on stage in Jerusalem and sang the English version, “Take me to your heaven”.  Her performance scored the most points, or 163 points in total, which of course means she won the contest in Israel.

Charlotte Perrelli compeeted two more times at Meldodifestivalen

Perrelli has been involed with Melodifestevalen for years and has even hosted a few of them. But she has also entered the contest two more times. The second time she took part it was in 2008 with the song “Hero”, where she won it once again. That means she earned the right to represent Sweden in Belgrade. Despite of being one of the favorites to win, the song only got 47 points at the final, Therefore ending up in 18th out of 25.

She entered Melodifestevalen for the 3rd time  in 2012 with the song “The girl“. This time she did not win, since the song did not make it to the national final. But she used the title and named her own perfume and lotion after it.
We at EscXtra would like to wish Charlotte and Luminita a big happy birthday!

Hlynur Sigurðsson

Icelandic Eurovision fan!

Comments on An Xtra Happy Birthday; October 7th

  • Hans P.

    It is Luminiţa Anghel’s birthday today as well

  • Hlynur Sigurðsson

    Thank you Hans for letting us now, we will add her:D

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