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Emma of Finland opens up about her UMK 17 experience

Emma of Finland (Emma J. Olivia) has a posted a new video to her YouTube channel talking about her experience at UMK 2017. (Finland’s national selection ‘Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu’)
Emma participated with the song ‘Circle of Light’, which was a favourite to win before the live final. Unfortunately on the night of the final technical problems affected Emma’s performance and she placed third in the competition. Several months after that night, Emma bravely opens up about her experience at UMK and her battles with depression that followed.
“I actually filmed for the past few weeks exactly the same kind of video I’m going to make today, but I couldn’t upload them,” …“I made videos but I was crying in all of them and I felt like, ‘no, I don’t want to put this out there.’”
Emma talks of the problems she had with her performance, her feelings afterwards and some of the negative comments she received.

Will Emma participate in UMK 2018?

Emma goes on to state her continued ambition to enter UMK and represent Finland at Eurovision. She entered for UMK 2018 on the basis she could be paired up with a songwriter, but confirms that due to not hearing back she unfortunately won’t be competing in the 2018 competition.
“I haven’t heard from anyone, so right now I am 100% sure that unfortunately I won’t be participating this year, even though this is still one of my biggest dreams to represent Finland. This year will not be my year, but I think it will be another year, another time, another place. Right now I am climbing my way back up again.”
She closes on a positive note, thanking her fans and followers who have been supporting her these past six months.

What do you think Emma’s video? Was Circle of Light your favourite at UMK 2017? Do you look forward to seeing her one day at another UMK? Let us know in the comments below or on social media @escXtra

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