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Dj Rudd to chair the jury for Latvia’s Supernova 2018

Latvia’s National Broadcaster – LSM announces DJ Rudd will chair Supernova’s 2018 jury replacing Brainstorm’s Kaspars Roga.

The decision was brought due to Kasparas Roga’s busy schedule during the time of the festival. His band Brainstorm is already set to tour Asia in that particular time frame. The Latvian public best knows DJ Rudd as an accomplished music producer and editor for Radio Pieci.
You can listen to some of DJ Rudd’s work on Spotify here:

Assertive thinking for Supernova 2018

The 4th edition of Supernova brings a few other changes besides having DJ Rudd as the head of the jury. The assertive and objective approach to the festival should and probably will result with great success.
However, the deadline for submissions is October 15th. Which means that artists that want to place their bid in the race should HURRY UP. Once the opened call is closed, a professional jury will go through the songs and pick their favorites for a jury only performance on November the 5th. DJ Rudd is looking forward to go through and listen to the submitted entries.
Earlier, It was announced that Latvia plans to organize songwriting camps and introduce the festival to foreign lyricists and composers.
⇒You can read more about Supernova opening its doors to foreign talent here

Latvia, Supernova and Eurovision

Latvia’s Eurovision journey begins in Stockholm back in the year 2000. Their debut entry “My Starperformed by Brainstorm scored 136 and finished 3rd overall.
Only 2 years later, Latvia’s Marie N and her cheeky “I Wanna topped the scoreboard in Tallinn bringing Latvia their first and only victory at the contest. Both of these entries remain as Latvia’s two best scoring entries to this day.
Ever since, the small Baltic country has had a pretty rough time at Eurovision. Latvia has failed to qualify for the final 8 times and finished last 4 times in their semi.
However, ever since the introduction of Supernova Latvia has slowly but surely getting their confidence back. Managing to deliver imaginative and out of the box entries like Love Injected and Heartbeat.
In any event,
Are you looking forward to the new and improved Supernova? Do you think DJ Rudd makes will do a great job of being the head of the jury? What is your favorite Supernova winner so far?
Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below and on all social media at @ESCXTRA.

Comments on Dj Rudd to chair the jury for Latvia’s Supernova 2018

  • Kermit

    Many good songs from Latvia As long as they are serious. Top 5
    1. My Star
    2.. probka
    3. I Hear Your Heart
    4. Line
    5. Love Injected

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